Oettinger inside


Legends together

The former racing driver Hans Joachim Stuck enjoyed his meeting with the historical Oettinger Group 2 Scirocco at the „9th. Schloß Dyck Classic Days“ In the years 1976 und 1977, as the Oettinger Group 2 Scirocco was...[more]


Oettinger forever

Since 1991 Dietrich Dimmler owns a Golf I GTI in original condition. Three years ago he converted it to a breathtaking 2000 E/16 [more]


When the French dream of cars...

...they enthuse since decades about Oettinger [more]


„Catch me if you can“

After the comparison on the Sachsenring the Oettinger Golf VII R also wins the Tuner Grand Prix 2014[more]