Oettinger, the legend

If Gerhard Oettinger (1920-1997) was still alive today, he would most certainly play a leading role in the development very efficient high performance engines.

The engineering graduate and worldwide oldest VW tuner was regarded as a „Hero of progress“ of his age and a genial engine designer the post war period, for whom no (technical) hurdle appeared insurmountable. All around the world his Okrasa “TS” and “TSV” twin carburettor kits gave leisurely Beetles/Bugs sprint talent. His capacity increases for Audi, Mercedes Benz and VW were legendary. He designed the worldwide first 16 valve engine for a volume vehicle (Golf), the first 5 valve (Corrado) and the first six cylinder for the VW Bus.

Still today the company is filled with Oettinger’s spirit, which reflects the maxim of the American author Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. This spirit has made the name Oettinger almost immortal and the employees maintain it full of pride and responsibility.

And so the same consistent and high standards of inspiring performance and excellent usability have prevailed at Oettinger over decades. It is therefore no surprise that Oettinger enhanced vehicles from the VW pallet have repeatedly taken class wins over the past years at the Tuner Grand Prix on the Hockenheimring; and that in 2014 the Oettinger Golf VII GTI and the Oettinger Golf VII R won all the significant comparison tests.

And so the myth Oettinger lives on and on. And that is something that everybody experiences who can call an Oettinger vehicle their own.