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The OETTINGER Golf VII – the distinctive styling pleases.

OETTINGER will offer an explicitly motorsport orientated accessory programme for the Golf VII: This will include wheel arch extensions, sports exhausts, adjustable suspensions, intercoolers, air intakes with sport filters, limited slip differentials, uprated clutches and brakes etc. A particular highlight which will be available in 2014 will be the new ultra light OETTINGER 10 spoke sports rim; although developed especially for competition applications will also be certified for use on road vehicles. Particularly those drivers with sporting ambitions will appreciate the functional engineering which OETTINGER will offer for the Golf VII.

Not only increased engine power but also the continued reliability has always been a priority for OETTINGER. This means that every new engine development must go under intensive testing on the dynamometer and test track followed by emissions testing at the emissions testing laboratory of the TÜV Rheinland. Only once all this has been successfully completed is it then released for sale via the 60 OETTINGER Centres in Germany and the international importers and distributors.

Also the powerful OETTINGER Golf VII engine conversions will offer convincing arguments: Versions offering between 260 and 360 Hp for the GTI and an increase of at least 30 Hp for the two 2.0 TDI engines are already a certainty. The output of the 1.6 TDI engines can be increased from 90 to 110 Hp and from 105 to 125 Hp. Curiosity is especially piqued by the news that a particularly powerful „OETTINGER version“ of the Golf VII with the 1.4 TSI engine is also planned.

Breathtaking class - the OETTINGER Aerodynamic package for the newly announced Golf VII, consisting of a two piece front spoiler with a splitter, side skirts and a rear apron insert with diffuser. A range of OETTINGER Golf VII body parts will be produced in OEM quality.

Trust in over 60 years experience „Made in Germany by OETTINGER“