Oettinger History


Anniversary: 2015 – Oettinger has been tuning Golf’s since 40 years!

The „HP magician“ from Friedrichsdorf and the exciting Golf 1 years In 2014 the VW Golf celebrated a round birthday. On the 29th. March it was 40 years old. One year later and it is now the turn of the oldest VW tuner,...[more]


Igniting ideas for the Diesel

Gerhard Oettinger was also one of Germany’s diesel tuning pioneers The beginnings of Oettinger diesel tunings goes back exactly to the year 1980. And so the genial graduate engineer from Friedrichsdorf can be reckoned to be...[more]


The Oettinger Lifestyle

At the beginning of the 1950’s, long before the Anglo-American buzzword „Lifestyle“ became fashionable around the world, Gerhard Oettinger already had an inkling that such a culture was necessary for car drivers. And it would...[more]


The Oettinger-Scirocco 1-Story

„Winds of change“ [more]